Marion Urso
Account Director


Born and raised in the Mediterranean city of Marseille, in southern France, Marion was looking to take her international studies to the next level. Her business school’s student exchange program afforded her the opportunity to live and study in Montréal (John Molson School of Business), before heading stateside for a semester, settling just outside Washington DC.

But Marion returned to Montréal—the city that had captured her heart—to complete her last internship and start life as a young professional. Her ability to adapt, which she developed while studying abroad and in her different professional roles, enabled her to quickly integrate into any work environment.

A good listener and skilled communicator, Marion has a knack for assessing and analyzing client expectations so that she can understand, convey and expertly deliver a company’s core message. The organizational and creative skills she developed while working at agencies, along with her proven versatility in performing a variety of tasks, ultimately led her down the path of public relations.

Marion spends her free time ambling through museums and shops, or sitting in cafés with a good book or her notepad. She works out at the gym on a regular basis and is always looking for new ways to stay active.

Like a duck to water
- Copywriting
- Social media
- Event organization

School days
- B.B.A. in international business
  and marketing,
  Kedge Business School

Hobbies and interests
- Film
- Music
- Sports
- Fashion (she has way
  too many sneakers in her closet)