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July 6, 2017

Canada’s 150th: Bombardier Celebrates Canadian Innovation

Bombardier celebrated Canada's 150th anniversary by honouring several Canadian innovations in a video broadcast in French and English on Canada Day on Facebook.

While some of these innovations are obvious, like the snow blower (1927) and the jockstrap (1927 ... definitely a good year!), others are more surprising: The Walkie-talkie (1942), the caulking gun (1894), the egg carton (1911) and the paint roller (1940), innovations that are still used every day throughout the world.

The video concludes with images of the Innovia metro (SkyTrain in Vancouver, 2002), the Global 7000 (2016), and the C Series (2013), all innovations created in Canada by Bombardier.

“Innovation is part of Canada's DNA, said Olivier Marcil, Vice President, External Communications, Bombardier Inc. For the 150th anniversary of our country, we wanted to find an original way to pay tribute to our great Canadian creators, while recalling that Bombardier - from the invention of the snowmobile to the C Series - has perpetuated this great tradition of ingenuity that defines us collectively. Year after year, Bombardier is the Canadian company that invests the most in research and development. We are developing and exporting Canadian ingenuity around the world, and we are very proud of it."

Since its launch on July 1, the two French and English versions of the video have had a reach of close to 400,000. On July 10, Bombardier will be back in celebration mode as the company celebrates its 75th anniversary.

AgencyZone franche 
Creative DirectionRobert Boulos,
ScriptGerry Wneck, Robert Boulos 
French adaptationMatthieu Sauvé, Zone franche
DirectorRobert Boulos, Aurele Desjardins
Voice talent Keith Thomas, Louis Champagne
CastHuguette Roy, Elias Benoît, Michel Labrosse, 
Sylvain Grenier, Pascal Fleury
Culinary stylistJohanne Dépelteau
Mix + sound design Luc Raymond
Colour timingThierry Sirois, Casa del Films
MusicJoseph Perrault, Les Productions Kut
Digital marketingLabelium

April 6, 2017

The Zone Franche Team Welcomes Three New Members

Public relations agency Zone franche is pleased to welcome three new members to its team: Léa Manuel as a consultant and My-Le Nguyen and Marion Urso as coordinators.

Léa Manuel, Consultant
Armed with four years of experience in corporate communications with the agency TBWA\CORPORATE in Lyon, Léa left France in 2016 for Australia, where she honed her skills with Hill+Knowlton Strategies and the French-Australian Chamber of Commerce. A specialist in influence strategy and branding, she has represented brands in every area, from higher education to lifestyle and from public technology companies to start-ups. Her strategic vision of public relations and her adaptability will be valuable assets in this new stage of her career.

My-Le Nguyen, Coordinator
My-Le’s civil service career began in 2012 in Ottawa, where her analytical mind and media monitoring and internal communications skills were brought to the forefront. She then moved to Montréal to jump into the arts and culture field. Creative and versatile, My-Le has excellent interpersonal skills and can adapt to any situation with ease, making her a dedicated and hard-working team member.

Marion Urso, Coordinator
A native of Marseille, Marion quickly became interested in taking her international studies to the next level. Her business school’s student exchange program afforded her the opportunity to live and study in Montréal (John Molson School of Business) before settling just outside Washington DC for a semester. She returned to Montréal for her last internship before beginning her career working at various agencies, where she developed her organizational skills while showing great versatility.

February 2, 2017

Zone franche enters the French market
under the Villemarie banner

The Montréal public relations agency Zone franche is pleased to announce it is entering the French market under the Villemarie banner, which will have branches in Paris and Lyon as well as an office in Montréal.

Villemarie’s mission will be threefold:
  • Continue supporting European companies that are already active in North America or wish to expand into that market, a service that has contributed to Zone franche’s growth for the last three years.
  • Support Canadian companies in their development efforts in France.
  • Develop the French market through a sustained presence in the region.

With its team comprising advisors who have in-depth knowledge of the French and Canadian markets, Villemarie will have an attractive asset for meeting the needs of its clients.

Villemarie's services
• Corporate communication
• Influencer communication
• Marketing communication
• Digital communication
• Internal communication
• Public affairs
• Issues management
" Looking at, for example, public positioning, media relations or networking, there are profound differences in public relations practices between the two countries,” said Zone franche President Marie-Françoise Hervieu, mentioning in passing how the CanExport federal program and its team helped make this project a reality. In this context, knowing how business is conducted locally is a definite competitive advantage."

In this regard, Villemarie will be able to provide strategic support to Canadian companies seeking to crack the French market, which is becoming more and more attractive with the passing of the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement. Managing Villemarie in France will be Vice President Marine Lagny. She has extensive experience accompanying numerous companies in France (Rennes, Paris) and has thorough knowledge of French-Canadian networks. In the French market, she’ll be able to count on the support of colleagues in Paris and Lyon.

"Villemarie brings a North American perspective to public relations, which appeals to French companies that are often looking for new viewpoints,” said Marine Lagny, 
Vice President, Villemarie, France. French companies are also looking for partners who can support them in several markets, and this is what Villemarie offers with its Montréal office."

About Zone franche

Founded in Montréal in 2010, Zone franche helps its clients build authentic and promising relationships with their audiences. Having received multiple awards for its campaigns, the agency never hesitates to take a different approach to public relations or communications problems, by offering its clients strategies that stand out from the traditional approaches. Zone franche serves a wide range of companies and organizations operating in fields as diverse as education, energy, information technology, health, real estate, transport, telecommunications, financial services and insurance, to which it offers services of corporate, influencer, marketing and digital communication, as well as public affairs and issues management.

Octobre 24, 2016

Marie-Hélène d’Entremont-Sauvé named managing director of Zone franche in Montréal

Zone franche management is pleased to announce the appointment of Marie-Hélène d'Entremont-Sauvé as the agency’s managing director. As part of her new responsibilities, she will play a prominent role in managing the agency’s human resources and supervising its major projects, while continuing to act as a strategic advisor with clients.

Marie-Hélène d’Entremont-Sauvé, Managing director
Marie-Hélène has a master’s degree in political science and a bachelor’s degree in psychology and has been part of the Zone franche team since 2012. “Marie-Hélène quickly came to play a significant role at Zone franche, and now her support to the management team will be even more valuable as the agency continues to experience substantial growth,” said Zone franche President Marie-Françoise Hervieu.

Marie-Hélène started her career in media relations during federal and provincial election campaigns. After her stint in federal and provincial politics, Marie-Hélène became press agent for a candidate for Mayor of Montréal during the 2009 municipal election. She developed her writing and public affairs skills as part of the Ville de Montréal official opposition office, where she advised municipal officials on a variety of city administration issues.

Octobre 14, 2016

A New Arrival at Zone franche!

Public relations agency Zone franche is pleased to welcome Morgane Lopez to its staff as a coordinator.

Morgane Lopez, Coordinator
Morgane settled in Montréal three years ago. She holds a bachelor’s degree in communications (Lyon) and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in communications at UQAM. Before joining Zone franche, Morgane was a project manager for the event agency Forsept and a web project assistant for Adgensite, in Lyon. As an intern at Republik in Montréal, she was responsible for communication and relations with influencers at Rachel’s Box. Passionate about public relations, she is a member of the social media committee for the Société québécoise des professionnels en relations publiques (SQPRP), and writes for Index-Design and the What The Gang blog.

August 30, 2016

Two promotions at Zone franche

The public relations agency Zone franche is proud to announce that Justine Plourde and Éliane Légaré were appointed consultants, an initiative that reflects their important contribution to the ongoing success of the agency since their arrival in 2013 and in 2014, respectively.

Justine Plourde, Consultant
Justine holds a B.A. in communications (public relations) from the Université du Québec à Montréal and a certificate from the Faculty of Law of the Université de Montréal. As part of the communications team, Justine began her career helping to build the reputation of one most coveted interactive audio-visual production companies in Montreal. Her attention to detail, her desire for continuous improvement and her solution-driven attitude, as well as her extensive knowledge of the automotive industry and technology sector, make her an undeniable asset to the Zone franche team where she provides daily counsel to clients. During her time off, Justine is the Director of communications as well as the Online Editor at POSTHUME, a collective of Montreal theatre productions.

Éliane Légaré, Consultant
With a B.A. in industrial relations and a certificate in public relations from the Université de Montréal, Éliane began her career in communications as a publicist. Éliane’s comprehensive understanding of the underlying issues of organizational communication is undeniable. Additionally to being a remarkable social media strategist, she brings a fresh approach and develops bold tactics that allow the companies she advises to shine. At Zone franche, Éliane is responsible for mandates in various sectors including technology, arts and culture as well as business. She is also the latest recruit of École nationale de l’humour’s AmbaHAHAssadors, a group of ambassadors dedicated to support the institutions mission to become the hub of Canada’s and the Francophonie’s expertise in humour, and to ensure the legacy of Quebec’s comedic heritage.