Justine Plourde


Deeply passionate about communication and people, Justine is committed to the success of the agency’s clients. With a strong academic background and experience in one of the most prominent studios in multimedia production, she puts her talents in media relations and community management to work to help clients achieve their goals. Convinced of the necessity to develop trusting relationships between companies and their public, Justine possesses a deep understanding of the challenges they face. Also, her training in law and in public relations led her to develop great research skills and become an outstanding popularizer.

Committed, fundamentally empathetic, always conscientious, Justine sees self-transcendence as a daily personal challenge.

Like a duck to water
- Writing
- Social Media Strategy
- Media Relations

School days
- Bachelor’s degree
  in communications
  – public relations,
- Certificate in law,
  Université de Montréal

Hobbies and interests
- Music
- Animated motion pictures
- Travel